Dr. Cantu has formal training in forensic assessment. She also completed a pre-doctoral internship with the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners (Springfield, MO), then post-doctoral training in sex offender treatment and assessment. She is not only a licensed psychologist but also an affiliate sex offender treatment provider. Dr. Cantu regularly attends local and national forensic professional development workshops. 

Within Texas, she has worked with attorneys in Montgomery County, Harris County, Fort Bend County and the Federal Southern District.  References are availble upon request. 


Types of Forensic ASsessment

Risk for Sexual Re-Offending

Aleha Cantu engages in evidence-based practice and completes dozens of hours in continuing education related to recent developments in sex offender treatment and assessment annually. Specifically, Dr. Cantu incorporates static and dynamic risk measures in combination with idiographic factors to develop a comprehensive risk assessment and describe treatment needs. Reports are thorough, research guided and individualized. Dr. Cantu is available to consult with attorneys regarding best practices in risk assessment or provide resources to support best practices such as suggested readings, trainings, or research summaries. 

Mitigation Assessment

Dr. Cantu completed original research reviewing the effectiveness of mitigating evidence in criminal cases. Additionally, she particpated in mitigation investigation in death penalty cases. She attended the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists (NASAMS) workshops. Given the decline in prosecution in capital cases , Dr. Cantu has extended her work to felony criminal cases. Well versed in mitigation assessment and case law, Dr. Cantu is uniquely prepared to assist attorneys in mtigation assessment work. 

Competency to Stand Trial

Dr. Cantu also has formal training to conduct competency to stand trial assessment at the state (Chapter 46.B) and federal level  (U.S. Code § 4241). She has exceeded the minimum qualifications to be appointed as an examiner in Texas and also completes annual continuing education workshops related to determination of competency to stand trial. 

Next Steps

Dr. Cantu works directly with prosecutors and/or defense attorneys seeking evaluation or consultation services. She does not accept direct referrals from defendants. Dr. Cantu is availble for ex-parte or court-appointed work. Prior to initating a court order, she requires consultation with the referring attorney. Hourly rates, policies and procedures are available via email:  Phone consultations (15-30 minutes) regarding potential services are complimentary for attorneys. Once a contract is initated, consultation is billed at usual hourly rate.